Sto Lat!


He had no idea about this trip or anything it involved. Just that we were going somewhere. He’s been talking about seeing where his family is from since as long as I can remember, so I decided to take him there as a birthday present. Well, one side at least. We have yet to hunt down and go to the town that the Irish side is from. Good idea for a future gift?

We’ve made it to Poland in one piece with no major incidents. That has to be a miracle given our track record. And especially since we had to leave at 3:45am. Yuck. Thankfully we had Uber for this one. Trains don’t start until at least 5am, so we would have been out of luck otherwise.

Stansted airport has quite a bit of construction going on, and a major part of it is
blocked off right now. I’m sure the number of people there was normal for any given Saturday, or possibly even lower since high travel season is over now that school is back in. Past security, it was packed and nearly impossible to move, so we found coffee and breakfast and staked out a spot to sit and wait until our flight.

The flight itself was about an hour and 45 minutes, and quite uneventful. Arriving in Bydgoszcz though…wow. What a world of difference. We were the only plane. Literally the ONLY one. See, my reasoning went as such- Ryanair flies there, and the city is meant to have a population around 350k not including the surrounding area, so it must be a decent size. HAH! Boy was I wrong. On the tarmac, the runway and airport is surrounded by trees that you would expect to see in a WWII movie. You know, tall
with just a bit of green at the top and a long, bare trunk. Kind of eerie actually.
Our taxi driver was nice, but didn’t speak a word of English, which was quite an experience. The only common word in the car was “Whiskey”. How appropriate. About 10 minutes later (Yes, only 10 minutes!) we were at the hotel, checked in, and passed out cold for a few hours.


Do nastepnego razu…