Suiting up for Winter

We went on a shopping adventure yesterday to TMLewin to take advantage of their current offer on suits. £199/suit. Pretty awesome if you ask me. Seems as though the season of clearing out summer stock and bringing in autumn and winter stock is officially here, and with the time change this coming weekend in the UK, it’s about time to suck it up and accept the changing seasons. This week was the first week that was noticeably pitch dark outside whilst walking home from the gym at 6:45am. Likewise, the sun has been setting around 17:45.

To really make it all sink in, we’re headed back to the US shortly for a wedding and Thanksgiving. Yes….THANKSGIVING. Already. And then what is it? Christmas and New Years! Oh my god, it’s going to be 2015 before we know it! Make it stop! Next thing you know, 20 years will have gone by. ::Shudder:: I’m not liking this.

So I’ve resolved to make this winter unlike the past winters. No more wallowing in our sorrows and hiding inside until the flowers start poking their fresh green heads out of the dirt. It’s going to be a winter revolution! A change to rival all prior changes! This year, we’re going to celebrate Nov. 5th with fireworks and fun! We’re going to go back to the US and enjoy the wedding, family, friends, and Thanksgiving holiday. We’re going to get away to Berlin for Christmas, explore the markets and get outside to enjoy the snow. Yes! We’re going to really, truly live!


Ah, that all feels great to say. And honestly, I can’t wait for it all. Heading back to the states for a couple weeks will be a much welcomed change of pace and chance to see everyone again, especially those whom we missed when we were back in May. Berlin will be a great holiday escape with so much to see and do that I’m sure we’ll be even more exhausted when we get back. But it’s worth it.

And at this rate, all of that will be here and gone before I know it. And until then?

It’s cold and it’s dark. So I’m going home to hibernate. Change? Hah, it was a nice idea while it lasted…