Taco Salad

There are a few fast food restaurants that I know used to be go-to places for Joe. One of those was McDonalds, one of the symbols of America. I also know how much Joe loves Mexican food. Whilst it was never a big deal for me there were always a few things I loved from there growing up, including the taco salad. Perfect mixture of McDonalds and Mexican, right?

I decided to try and recreate this masterpiece myself in a way that was healthier but just as delicious as the original.

The ingredients were simple for this recipe:

Mince Beef or Turkey(your choice; I used Turkey)
Green & Red pepper, diced
Red Onion
Cheese of your choice(I used Cheddar)
Kebab Sauce/Salsa
Garlic Cloves
Chilli Powder
Cayenne Powder

To make it even more cultural, additional ingredients can be added such as corn or avocado, however I decided to skip those this time.

For the salad bowl, I decided to use the tortilla which I placed in a Pyrex bowl and baked for approximately 10 minutes, until hardened. I took another one of the tortillas and cut it into small strips, sprayed it with cooking spray and added salt. These strips also went in the oven to make tortilla strips for the top of the salad. Whilst those baked, I readied the other ingredients, chopping and dicing the vegetables and cooking the meat.

Once the meat was about halfway done, I drained the fat and added the chilli powder, cayenne powder and minced garlic. Once that was mixed together well, I added the onion, diced peppers, and jalapeno. At the end, I added the Kebab sauce. In place of the Kebab sauce, you could use marinara, salsa, enchilada, or any other type of red sauce. I chose the Kebab sauce for two reasons. 1) That’s what I had on hand, and 2) it’s hot & spicy, which is a requirement in our household.

By now, the tortilla was finished and relatively cooled off, so construction of the salad could begin. At the bottom of the tortilla I placed some chopped lettuce to form the bed of the salad. Piled on top of that went the meat mixture. Some toppings that I left off were sour cream and tomato, but they would certainly go well with this recipe if you were so inclined to try.

At the very end came the cheese. Yummy, gooey goodness. Throw some cheese on top, pop it in the microwave or oven for a minute just to melt the top, and tada!! Mexican salad at your hands.

Enjoy! And if you try any variations, be sure to let me know how it goes! I may just try some of your ideas out myself.