I love the challenge of finding a good deal on a holiday, as Joe can certainly attest to. It’s like a game. What are the best places to go, and how cheap can I get it for? This one is definitely a winner. 5 days in Tenerife for two people for a total of £500. Score!

We got here late Thursday night after work, arriving without any hiccups. A first in our book I think. And possibly one of the shortest immigration lines too, which tends to be a pain for us non-EU folk. 15 minutes to the resort and wow. The apartment is larger than our entire London flat and aside from the hilly climb up to the room, it’s perfect. Good thing we didn’t bring much with us or we’d have had a heck of a time. One of the upsides to travelling so much is that we’ve got packing down to a science and can do most getaways with just a backpack of things, or a shared carry-on.

The resort is rather large, with areas for kids activities, bands, a restaurant, pool, and so much more. Almost enough to make you not want to leave. And for the entire morning, we didn’t. Lounging by the pool for several hours was a much welcomed change from the hustle an bustle of London. We finally decided to venture out for a long walk along the beach in the afternoon though, heading down to Los Cristianos where all the restaurants, shops, and sand are. The walk down there gave us an idea of what the neighbourhoods are like in addition to the touristy areas.

For a remote island, the infrastructure here is very impressive. The roads all look new and in immaculate condition, the sidewalks clean, and the gardens are well-kept in most places. The architecture style is very Spanish, with a little Maltese and Moroccan thrown in. The restaurants have a feel of Thailand, with menu’s in over 5 languages and options for just about anyone from any country. And the people. That’s really the topper. Everyone is so friendly and welcoming. I think it has something to do with the sun, and if it doesn’t, I’m just going to pretend it does because I like the thought of it.

Another plus? The prices. Things are so much cheaper here. You know it’s sad when your basis for comparison is alcohol, but a litre of Jameson whiskey is at least a good £15 cheaper. Drink much?

So for day one in the sun, I’d call it a complete success and a good holiday pick. We’ll see what the next few days bring.