The Diner

It’s almost the end of the holiday festivities, lights and decor. It’s sad to see it go, but it also means the beginning of longer days, and soon, warmer weather. The holidays are great while they last, and there’s nothing wrong with making the most of it afterwards while you still can. And for that reason, we decided to make the most of the London decor and lights after the holidays while they were still up.

Friday night after work we trekked to Oxford Street to check out the Oxford Circus lights, and check out some of the sales around too. Even after spending 3 Christmas’ here, the lights there never cease to amaze me. After a few shops, it was time to find a place for dinner. We headed over to Bodean’s BBQ, one of the better known burger and pork places in London, and surprise! 45 minute wait. NEXT!

Close by is Carnaby Street, so we headed there to find another well-known restaurant, Pitt Cue. And it was closed. CLOSED! On a Friday night. Just off one of the busiest streets in London. By this time we were about ready to head home, but I insisted that we walk around just a bit more to see what else there was, and we came across this little gem called The Diner.

This place was really neat, with an American-inspired menu full of burgers, hot dogs, and blue plate specials. Best yet, they have a milkshakes and a full breakfast menu. The location itself is really neat, with a dark atmosphere, neon signs, and retro seating, not to mention the great oldies music playing. One steak & eggs plate later, we were in business.

If you’re ever near Carnaby Street, The Diner is one worth trying.