The Yacht

This weekend was a lazy weekend, and a much deserved one at that. So after a day of lounging around, we needed to get out. Joe wanted to see a movie, and I wasn’t feeling well enough to want to join but we wanted to at least go out together beforehand. So he picked a restaurant in the Cutty Sark – Greenwich area and headed there. Appropriately named The Cutty Sark, it’s a local pub on Belfast Quay within walking distance of Cutty Sark DLR, and home if it were nice outside. But it’s still February. Enough said.

After a bone-chilling walk over there and a few great photos of the Old Royal Naval College, we find out the place is booked solid for the night, and there’s not a seat to be found by the bar. So we re-trace our steps to The Yacht, a restaurant down a little side walkway with a great atmosphere. With plenty of open seats and a view over the water, we found the perfect place for dinner.

You’d never know, but this place is a branch of Young’s bars, and has a menu to match. A variety of choices from soup to fish, burgers to cheesecake, there’s anything you can think of. So when it came time to order the choice was….


A proper, American-style dish, served with guacamole, salsa, and sour cream. The only thing they don’t quite understand here is cheese. There’s never much there. Aside from that, the jalapeƱos were plentiful and the meat was spiced just right. With some quiet music in the background and good conversation for a couple hours, it was the perfect evening out.