Tortilla Pizza

Did you know…(Yes, normally you should be getting worried right about now) that you can make great pizza with a tortilla instead of a full crust? I know, sounds like a typical Uni-days recipe hack, and oh how I wish I had known about this back then! But then again, maybe it’s a good thing I didn’t. I might have never graduated and would still be there, making tortilla pizzas all day instead of studying and going to class. Phew! Dodged a close one there.

It’s true though, and it’s very similar to the type of pizza you get in Italy too. Appropriate timing, given we just got back from there. We had a few tortillas left over from the other night and decided to give it a go Friday after work. Turned out pretty well too!

After work, I stopped and grabbed a few items from the shop and headed home. With the weather getting cooler and winter approaching fast, I even got lucky with a basil plant that was on offer to clear. Full ingredient list was short and sweet:

Pasta sauce
Chopped basil leaves
Pepperoni slices
Cooked ground beef
Mozzarella cheese

And I left out quantities for a reason. With this kind of recipe, anything can be increased, decreased, doubled, halved, etc etc. We only had 2 tortillas left to use up so ours was a small batch.

Cook the beef, chop the basil leaves, grate the cheese, layer it up, and cook. Oh, and enjoy!

IMG_3984 IMG_3983