Valentines Day Dinner

IMG_4951Valentines Day is the day for lovers, roses, chocolates, and over-booked restaurants. Even 60 miles out of London. We had a long day exploring Bletchley Park nearby Milton Keynes, seeing all the technological innovations that took place there during world war 2, and exploring the neighbouring town, Milton Keynes. By mid afternoon, we were exhausted and ready to head back to the hotel for a nap and relaxation before heading out for dinner that evening.

One good nap, some FaceTime with my parents, and a slight emergency with the house in the US later, we were ready to head out. Murphy’s Law, right? And of course we’re in another town last-minute, which meant no reservations for Valentines Day either. This could be interesting.

There isn’t a large area to walk around or explore in Bedford, so we walked across the bridge where there was a known little shopping centre with restaurants. IMG_4950The cobblestone streets twisted around and led us through back alleyways with hidden restaurants and bars
down each one. A very cute area to say the least!

We came across a little Italian place called The Pantry which looked promising. The menu had something for everyone, and the place had a very homely feeling. It was obviously family owned and operated, which left the assumption that the food was probably made with the same care. After waiting for 20 minutes whilst their reservations showed up, we realised that waiting was probably going to be a bad idea.

On to the next. On the way there, we had seen a few good places, so we went next door to our fallback, the Riverside Grill. A bit less cozy with a very open-style layout, this was a much more corporate looking place with clean lines and modern furniture. The people, however, seemed friendlier and more inviting. We were seated immediately (yay!) and the menu was promising.

The wait to have our order taken was quite long, but worth it. The appetiser of chicken wings came out promptly, smothered in sauce and smelling delicious. Then came the main- a beef brisket burger with chips and salad. Beef brisket,as we’re finding out more and more, is a rather rare find in UK restaurants, and of the places we do find it, there’s usually a lot left to be desires. Plus, unlike┬áLondon, the prices were reasonable and the portions were actually acceptable for the reasonable prices. What a concept!

Overall, dinner was a success. Even the wait at one restaurant before moving on made the night more enjoyable, people watching and enjoying a few laughs. I usually hate Hallmark holidays, but this time around, it wasn’t too bad. ­čÖé Happy Valentines Day everyone!