You know it’s getting bad when you start referring to locations by the airport code.

ThoseDamnAmericans took on America the past couple of weeks and soaked up as much of the free land and all it has to offer. It’s been over a year since we’ve been back to Chicago and this trip was way overdue. For various reasons, Joe headed back a week early to fit in a few extra stops in Las Vegas and Houston before meeting me in Washington DC. If we didn’t have a reason to hate Spirit airlines already, this trip surely gave us one. My flight in was fine; British Airways to Dublin and United from there to Washington. Joe’s flight from Houston to Washington with Spirit was delayed nearby 4 hours because they couldn’t find the pilot, and when they did, he was past his maximum flying hours for the month. Yep, great planning for that one Spirit.

After 5 hours of waiting at BWI airport, Joe arrived with the car and we started the 4.5 hour journey south to Virginia to see my grandpa and uncles, at 9pm. Let the crabbiness begin.

We got in sometime around 1am with everyone still at the house and waiting for us to get there. Shit happens I guess. It was a wonderful way to arrive though, not to mention that it was nearly 75F degrees out(that’s 24C for those who don’t understand why the US needs to be different and use Fahrenheit ). We only had a couple of days in Virginia before heading back up to Washington to fly over to Chicago, but we made sure those couple of days was filled with fun and relaxing. We even managed to get a hike up to Macafees Knobb with Mark on a chilly but comfortable morning.

We left around midnight and drove all night to get to the airport for a red-eye flight into Chicago, but this time we flew with Southwest. Even though Southwest had grounded all the Chicago departures and arrivals up until exactly when our flight was meant to arrive, we left on time and arrived early. Southwest far surpassed our expectations on this one, especially given the price. Goodbye Spirit, hellooooooooo Southwest!

A trip isn’t a trip with ThoseDamnAmericans unless something goes wrong, get’s delayed, or causes issues.