We’re Hitched! (Formal Pictures Coming Soon!)

It’s official. Those Damn Americans finally got hitched! I know I know, it was about damn time, but hey, these things require planning that isn’t easy from overseas! That said, when we throw a party, we THROW A PARTY. And what a party it was.

The wedding was as “Elgin” as they come, seeing as we both lived there, met there, and still have family in and around the area. We like to support local too, so everything was done through Elgin friends, family, and referrals. That said, the majority of it never would have happened without the help of our closest neighbours who really put the whole thing together. (You know who you are!)

The ceremony was downtown on Walton Island, a small man-made island in the center of the Fox River with a beautiful setting and landscaping, all primed and primped thanks to hours of volunteer work by the Elgin Garden Club members. After a short ceremony, and plenty of Pokemon GO onlookers, we headed off to take photos whilst the bridal party hung out at the Elgin Public House bar & restaurant, and everyone else had some downtime to change, nap, etc.

Now comes the fun part. The reception was in our backyard, with three tents filling the yard, and the side street closed off for the food truck and BBQ grills. The bar was nearby, along with an array of sweet treats for everyone to nibble on throughout the evening. Cakes made by Joe’s sister Jackie were the highlight of the desserts, and a candy bar put together by our neighbour Barb was a huge hit with the younger crowd. Thankfully we didn’t get stuck with too much left over, despite however the parents felt about that! We made up for the sugar rush though, giving the kids a big bouncy castle to run off all their energy and most were falling asleep by 9pm.

Managing everything was Krissy, who kept the order the whole day, and a HUGE thank you goes out to United Way and the kids who volunteered to help manage things like the bouncy castle, ice cream cart, and candy bar. We never could have managed without you!

So without letting this get too long-winded, it was an awesome day, evening, party, you-name-it. It was like one huge reunion of most of the people we love and care about(minus the select few who weren’t able to make it). There are a bunch of other people that made this day possible, and I know I didn’t list everyone, but if I did this may have been more of a novel and less a blog post. We love you all and thank you to everyone for making the entire day so much fun!

Those Damn Americans